Justin Fatica + Alba Visuals

Justin Fatica is on FIRE! That’s no joke. Since I met him in 2004 we have been seeking creative ways to utilize media to inspire youth. We started with the Rosary Stars DVD, and now have two projects¬† in the works. We have been developing a TV Program which will target families and troubled youth. We have a great team with Hudson Media in our corner and are building relationships every day. Secondly, we have the Prayer Workout. That’s right… the PRAYER Workout… Justin developed this idea to inspire young people to put exercise into action and make their workout a sacrifice for those in need. New year resolutions in 2012 can benefit from this idea, so workout and pray with us and make a difference. For more information about Justin Fatica and his ministry; visit Hard As Nails .

Justin Fatica Sizzle from Jake Alba on Vimeo.